Leopold Museum’s First Big Opening of the Year

The new exhibition beginning 22 March is up in the clouds


By Carolina Bianchi

Clouds are a fascinating topic. Whether cumulous types in the sky, the hazy sort from industrial chimneys or those we can see from skyscrapers, wherever we go we see them.

The Leopold Museum is now looking up for its new exhibit and hoping to reach great success with this cloudy theme.

“Clouds are per se something very peculiar and an elusive boundary between here and there, with which we can identify ourselves,” said Tobias Natter, director and curator of the Leopold Museum.

The exhibit toys with the interplay between modern days and nature, said Dr. Elisabeth Leopold, a member of the board of the museum. “For the modern person the sky isn’t something special anymore. They run to work, to university and to school, forgetting what nature offers us.”

l. The new exhibition at the Leopold Museum; r. in the foreground - "Playhouse" (2008-2012), Dietrich Wegner, background - "Quelle que soit la minute du jour"(2007-2009), Olivier Masmontiel Photos © Carolina Bianchi, 2013
"Super Mario Clouds" (1978), Cory Arcangel Photo © Carolina Bianchi, 2013
"Silver Clouds" (1994), Andy Warhol Photo © Carolina Bianchi, 2013
"Summer" (1931), René Magritte Photo © Carolina Bianchi, 2013
"Sky Hook" (1976), Howard Kanovitz Photo © Carolina Bianchi, 2013


Featuring works by Magritte, Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol and many more, the exhibition offers paintings, photographs and videos of clouds in their most natural and artificial states. It is a great opportunity to spend time looking at physical elements, something people do not do much of nowadays, the curators said.

Clouds. World of Escape will be open to the public 22 March and runs through 1 July.

The Leopold is hoping its latest exhibit can build on the success of its predecessor. Naked Men, which brought in more than 200,000 visitors, was so popular that it was extended.

The upcoming exhibition and the previous one have something in common. “These are nude clouds,” joked Klaus Pokorny, spokesman of the Leopold Museum. “We think it is an exhibition where everybody can find something they like, it is very open-minded.”

Whether the museum is going to have another special opening like Naked Men did is not yet planned.

But, said Pokorny, “We are always open for creative ideas, even for planning something the day before.”


Through 1 July 2013

Leopold Museum
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
Daily, 10:00-18:00
Thursdays, 10:00-21:00
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